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Starting with a goal of providing emergency food assistance to El Dorado County as a whole, the staff at the Food Bank knew they were dealing with a county that was very rural and remote.

NOTE: The Mobile Pantry is currently not available but will begin again in May of 2019. Please see our Holiday Outreach Program, and the many other programs we offer throughout the year HERE.

mobile pantryUnlike an urban setting where the population is denser and individuals can go to a food pantry at a local church by driving or riding the bus, the rural setting in El Dorado County creates a logistical challenge. After some research and careful consideration, the Food Bank designed and produced a new Mobile Food Pantry. Simply put, if our neighbors can’t go to the local church, then the Food Bank will take it to the rural community in which they live. This is rural outreach at its finest!

The Food Bank’s rural outreach is currently visiting sites in Placerville and South Lake Tahoe.

Another positive attribute of the Food Bank’s Mobile Pantry is that it is entirely operated by community volunteers, including: local businesses, service clubs, faith-based organizations, and compassionate community volunteers who enjoy helping their neighbors who struggle to make ends meet.

Whether you are seeking food assistance or you are interested in volunteering at the Mobile Food Pantry, contact the Food Bank of El Dorado County for more information. Call us at 530-621-9950 or email

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