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California State Department of Community Services & Development

Community Services & Development (CSD) is a department of the California Health and Human Services Agency. CSD administers state and federal funding to more than 100 local community service providers in California (both public and private). This network of providers is dedicated to assisting low-income Californians in achieving self-sufficiency and provides programs and services directly in their local communities. CSD provides support and training to the community providers and monitors performance.

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El Dorado County Department of Human Services

The Human Services Department offers a wide range of accessible programs designed to meet basic needs and to improve the quality of life for residents of El Dorado County. You can contact EDC Department of Human Services directly at (530) 621-6150.

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El Dorado County Department of Mental Health

The mission of the El Dorado County Mental Health Department is to promote mental health, wellness, recovery, and public safety, and to serve persons with mental illness and severe emotional disorders by providing culturally and linguistically appropriate mental health services in the most cost efficient and least restrictive manner possible.

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El Dorado County Department of Veteran Affairs

The El Dorado County Department of Veteran Affairs was established by the Board of Supervisors of El Dorado County to assist veterans, their dependents, and survivors in obtaining entitlements from federal, state, and local agencies administering veterans programs. It is not affiliated with the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

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