Food Bank of EDC; A Collaborative Food Network

The Food Bank provides food assistance on a daily basis in partnership with over 40 local emergency food response agency sites including battered women’s shelters, senior centers, local food pantries, under privileged youth programs, youth shelters, soup kitchens, maternity homes and more.

Hidden Hunger DvdThe Food Bank of El Dorado County is a collaborative network of local charities. When you make a contribution to the food bank, your donation helps non-profit establishments throughout El Dorado County. No other single non-profit can help so many, your dollar simply goes farther here. How do we do it? First of all our labor force is almost all volunteer based. Local volunteers are so vital to our mission, and the savings in payroll is primarily used to provide more food relieve. Efficiency is of high importance to us, we know that every penny adds up, and every penny saved can help some one else in our community. In these challenging economic times good families are struggling in El Dorado County, please join us in our efforts to help our community and end “Hidden Hunger”. Volunteer or donate today.

How Can I Help?

There are thousands of families and individuals in El Dorado County who cannot afford to meet their basic nutritional needs. When you donate food, money, or time to the Food Bank of El Dorado County, you ensure a single mother can feed her child, a local senior citizen is able to receive a bag full of groceries, or that a child can enjoy a nutritious meal. In 2009 alone our volunteers, financial supporters, product donors, and charity network made it possible for us to distribute over $2.5 million of food to the hungry of El Dorado County.
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