Food Bank partners with InAlliance for 2011 Community Outreach Projects

EL DORADO COUNTY (Feb-8-11)- For over  a decade, The Food Bank of El Dorado County has provided assistance to the area’s most at risk children, families and senior citizens.  To do this, your local Food Bank does not rely on funding from large grants, state or federal programs. It relies on donations and volunteerism within the community to keep its doors open and its operations running efficiently and effectively.

Recently, the Food Bank formed a new partnership with InAlliance Incorporated of El Dorado County. This newly formed partnership utilizes volunteerism to its greatest potential in a great relationship that is benefitting both the Food Bank and InAlliance in many different ways.

Located in Placerville, InAlliance supports the belief that people with developmental disabilities have an absolute right and responsibility to participate fully and equally in society and to maximize their own quality of life. The organization is committed to providing services that contribute to the independence of adults with developmental disabilities. Services focus on job placement, employment training and the facilitation of the support necessary for integrated employment and community living.

Back in November, the group from InAlliance assisted the Food Bank with the preparation and mailing of its annual holiday newsletter, a publication that reached out to thousands of residents in the county thanks to the help from InAlliance. Now, this great partnership is working together on its first project of the new year.

In a matter of days, businesses and members of the community will be receiving an invitation to join the Food Bank as a community partner in 2011 and beyond. In most cases, a community outreach project such as this would cost an organization thousands of dollars in preparation and labor.  In an effort to save the Food Bank’s donors hard earned money, InAlliance has stepped up to assist the county’s most at risk in a grand fashion, providing a hard working crew that diligently assembled these invitations and prepared them for mail distribution.

“Working with the Food Bank has been an enjoyable experience,” said Susan Hendrix, Employment Consultant for InAlliance Inc. “This is a team project and both clients and job coaches team together to support a great organization such as the Food Bank. We really appreciate the Food Bank allowing us to continue our mission to participate fully and equally in society.”

In the coming days, watch your mailbox for an envelope from the Food Bank of El Dorado County. Inside, you will find a great marketing opportunity with El Dorado County’s largest collaborative charity. Remember, it was the hard work of the great volunteers from InAlliance that assembled this special invitation and their dedication is much appreciated by the Food Bank, it’s donors and the thousands of at risk individuals that depend on it each and every month.

“This community partnership is grassroots collaboration at its finest,” said Mike Sproull, Executive Director of the Food Bank of El Dorado County. “The Food Bank is proud to partner with InAlliance in our quest to prevent hunger and provide hope in communities throughout El Dorado County.”

For further information on the Food Bank of El Dorado County visit their website at or call their offices at (530) 621-9950. To learn more about InAlliance and how they have been building a more livable world since 1952, visit their website at

Above, The crew from InAlliance pictured with Susan Hendrix, Employment Consultant for InAlliance and Mike Sproull, Executive Director of the Food Bank of El Dorado County.

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