Monetary Donations

We appreciate your support of the Food Bank. Know that your donation will be used equitably and efficiently to ensure the Food Bank’s continued annual operations of feeding our county’s at-risk population.

To mail a donation:
Print this form, make your check payable to “Food Bank of El Dorado County,” and mail it to:

Food Bank of El Dorado County
4550 Business Drive
Cameron Park, CA 95682

Donate by Credit Card

The Food Bank accepts ALL Major credit cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover, and JCB)

Note: Credit card payments are processed simply and securely through

Donate by PayPal

We’ve made online donations easy and secure.  With PayPal you can make a one time donation or choose the option to set up a monthly donation.


Make a one-time donation or setup an automated monthly donation to the Food Bank.

Give a one-time donation:


Set-up monthly donation:



Local Area Store Cards Benefit the Food Bank

The Food Bank of El Dorado County has found another way for our donors to donate- that cost them NOTHING! How you ask? By grocery shopping and scanning your store card, that is pre-linked to the Food Bank, before the end of your transaction, that’s it! Two local corporate grocers are offering a give back program that makes donations directly to the Food Bank based on the overall sales completed with the store card. So you just continue to do what you are already doing- buy groceries! And the Food Bank will receive a donation from the store for a percentage of all the sales completed where the store card was scanned. Below is a list of the stores who provide give back cards:

SaveMart- 3% of all purchases go back to the Food Bank

Food 4 Less- Between 4% and 5% is given back to the Food Bank

Please send me an email with the card(s) of your choosing and your mailing address to: And we will gladly mail the card(s) out to you. Please Note: The Food 4 Less card does require you to “set it up” online. Directions for this are included with the card.  

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