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One might ask, who is The Food Bank of El Dorado County and where did they come from?

food bank buildingIn 1999 a local grassroots organization called The El Dorado Food Coalition—comprised of a handful of faith-based organizations—worked to provide food assistance in El Dorado County. Although this group worked hard they struggled with infrastructure, cold and dry storage, trucks, and all the necessities it takes to service a rural county like El Dorado. As needs grew the Coalition’s goal quickly became establishing a full-service food bank, as El Dorado County was one of the few California counties that had no food bank. With the help of a few key organizations and the assistance of the community The Food Bank of El Dorado County was established in August of 2000.

Starting off small, The Food Bank supporters put their nose to the grindstone, and from a humble beginning this charity has become the largest collaborative charity in El Dorado County. The Food Bank provides food assistance through multiple programs including the Emergency Food Assistance Network which consists of multiple agencies that make up the safety net for El Dorado County’s at-risk population.

In an average year this collaborative partnership procures and distributes over 3 million dollars of emergency food assistance to communities through the county.

Congratulations, El Dorado Food Coalition—The Food Bank of El Dorado County has become a gold nugget for our neighbors who struggle to make ends meet.

Celebrating our 20th Anniversary

For over 20 years, on a monthly basis, the Food Bank of El Dorado County’s Emergency Food Assistance Network collaboratively serves thousands of at-risk.

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At the same time the Food Bank has been feeding the hungry, the Board of Directors and Food Bank staff have been working on infrastructure for the future. A new distribution facility was built in 2013 that acts as the hub to this network that serves El Dorado County as a whole. The building, cold and dry storage, and refrigerated trucks are the exact necessities that the El Dorado Food Coalition dreamed about in the 1990’s.

If you want to talk about one fact that simply says it all- drum roll please- over the last 20 years the Food Bank of El Dorado County has solicited, procured, warehoused, and distributed over 50 million dollars’ worth of food right here in our own backyards.

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